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R32 GTR & GTST Battery Relocation - Moving the battery to the trunk

RB Motoring

R32 GTR & GTST Battery Relocation

The purpose of battery relocation in the Nissan Skyline is to assist with corner balancing the vehicle, weight reduction in the front and also reclaiming the much needed space in the engine bay. The bay in the R32 GTR is especially tight (not so much the case for the GTS-T), so the more room you can create the better. I will be fitting an oil filter relocation kit and an oil catch canister its place.

Parts you'll need:

Battery box

New positive and negative terminals (you don't need these, but you might as well)

20 feet of 0 gauge cable and 3 feet of 1 Gauge cable

Assortment of nuts and bolts

150Amp Fuse box (included in cable link above)

Electrical tape

Set of lugs

Metal coat hanger or wire

Cable ties and straps

1.       Undo both battery terminals and remove battery from stock location, Remove the existing lugs from both battery terminals by using cutting pliers.

2.       Connect 150Amp fuse box to end of positive terminal, strip and connect 0 Gauge cable to the other end of the 150Amp fuse box

3.       Route 0 Gauge cable through engine bay


4.       Straighten out a coat hanger and attach the end of the 0 Gauge cable. Fasten it to the end of the coat hanger with a lot of tape to ensure they stay connected. You'll be running this through some tight spaces and don't want it to fall off. 

5.       Jack up the driver’s side of the vehicle

6.       Remove mud guard covers

7.       Guide the end of the coat hanger through the back of the firewall and pull through mud guard area

8.       Once this has come through the mud guard area you will then feed it through the grommet near the door hinges.

9.       Move to the interior of the car and remove the kick panel and carpet

10.   You should not see the end of the coat hanger in the vehicle, it will still be through the firewall.

11.   Use force and pull the coat hanger through into the cabin

12.   Ensure all slack is now in the interior of the vehicle

13.   Inspect the engine bay and ensure there is no tension on the 0 gauge cable

14.   Close up the mud guards and lower car to the ground

15.   Remove the coat hanger from the 0 Gauge cable

16.   Lift interior carpets and panels accordingly to run 0 Gauge cable to the rear of the car

17.   Remove rear seats and run 0 Gauge cable under the seats and into the trunk area

18.   Move to the engine bay and neaten up any loose wiring

19.   Connect a lug to the existing negative cable and bolt onto the chassis

20.   Ensure all wiring is safely fastened

21.   Find a spot in the trunk that you would like to have the battery mounted. There are 2 common areas for mounting. The first being next to the stock jack location and the second in front of the driver’s side tail light. I have chosen the latter for ease of access. However this is more difficult as you would need to drop the fuel tank to drill holes into the chassis for bolting

22.   Mark mounting holes and start to drill small pilot holes. Ensure you have not caught anything on the underside. Drill holes according to the size of your fastening bolts.

23.   Mount the battery box to the chassis

24.   Make two holes in the battery box and push through 0 Gauge cable and new negative 2 Gauge cable

25.   Crimp lug to end of 2 Gauge cable and bolt to the chassis

26.   Fit new battery terminals to both the 0 Gauge and 2 Gauge cables

27.   Insert battery to into battery box

28.   Connect battery terminals to battery

29.   Test power by turning the key on ignition

30.   Start the vehicle and ensure all electronics are functioning correctly

31.   You are done! Enjoy the new reclaimed space in your engine bay!


Author - NelKel GTR Vlogs

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