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R32 GTR Battery Replacement - 2019 Version

RB Motoring

What US battery fits my R32 Skyline GTR?

We posted this article a few years ago, and since then, there is a better option for a replacement battery for the R32 Skyline GTR. This also applies to all other models of Skyline, including GTST, GXi, GTS, and so on.

This AC Delco battery fits the R32 Skyline GTR and all sub-models of R32. As of publishing this post, it is the chepeast plug-and-play alternative battery for the R32 GTR that we know of. It’s under $200, and comes with the thinner battery posts that the factory R32 terminals will slide right onto.

R32 Skyline AC Delco battery - image courtesy of

R32 Skyline AC Delco battery - image courtesy of

As usual, all the other options still exist.

The Optima Yellowtop for the R32 is a bit pricier, but was the go-to for quite a while until this AC Delco became available. It’s actually made for the Prius (as all these batteries are), but fits all models of R32 Skyline. This is a great battery and Optima is known for their generous warranty on their batteries, although we’ve heard that warranties on these batteries will sometimes be rejected by Optima, however Amazon will cover it in that case without issue.

There is also the Odyssey battery for the R32 that has the proper posts, but is very small and prone to dying if you aren’t driving or using your car often. We would highly recommend only purchasing this battery if it is your daily driver, or if you keep your battery on a tender. A week or two of not starting this battery will leave it completely dead without a chance for revival in our experience.

Your other option is to change your terminals over to the standard US terminals, and then measure the batteries at an auto parts store to find a fitting battery.

Overall, the AC Delco is recommended, as it is a name-brand battery, ordered from Amazon - who will honor dead batteries and warranties should you need to, and isn’t too expensive.