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Nissan Skyline R32 Yellow color - Available to source

RB Motoring

Yellow Nissan Skyline R32 GTR - AVAILABLE TO SOURCE

A yellow R32 GTR popped up at a dealership a little while ago and it looks nice. It's a 1992 model, so there's still a little bit to wait before it can be imported, but it looks nearly flawless. The yellow paint job is really well done, and you might possibly never see another yellow GTR in your lifetime. This color was never offered from the factory. 

The body of the GTR looks to be in really good shape. The yellow paint has a nice shine, and the R34 wheels give it a unique yet close to stock look. Everything on the car was painted properly - the wing, the trunk, door jampbs, etc. were all re-colored to yellow. The front lip was kept black. The tires are in good shape and are free of rot and excessive wear. 

Under the hood the car seems to be kept mostly stock other than the HKS intakes, strut bar, and the Apexi aluminum radiator. The plenum paint looks clean and the bay appears to be well taken care of during its life. There may be other modifications lurking under the hood like upgraded turbos, but only a full inspection would uncover those. 


The interior appears to have been kept mostly stock as well. The seats are free of rips and tears, the door panels are in great shape, and the windows roll up and down without issue. The steering wheels has been replaced with a 330mm Nardi wheel and working horn button. The cluster was swapped to the 320km/h NISMO cluster, and mileage is unverified. 


The best part of the interior is the lack of a dash bubble. The dash looks like it just came from the factory. The previous owner appears to have replaced the ashtray with a switch plate that we are inquiring about to find out exactly what it does. Lastly, the leather of the shift boot and e-brake boot are flawless. 


Overall this GTR looks super clean and would make someone very happy if they are looking for a yellow car. We can store this car indoors for a small monthly fee, or store it outdoors in our gated lot up to six months for free. Visit our contact us page to inquire about this yellow GTR today!