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Nissan Skyline R32 GTR USDM Compatible Interchangeable Parts List

RB Motoring

Below is a list of USDM compatible parts that will fit your Nissan Skyline R32 GTR. If you are looking for GTS-T or GTS parts compatibility, click here



Front Brake Pads - Same as 300ZX (Z32) for non-VSpec GTRs

Rear Brake Pads - Same as 300ZX (Z32) for non-VSpec GTRs

Front and Rear Pad combos -


Oil Filter - Same as 300ZX (Z32) I like the K&N and Mobil1 due to the wrench-off.

Fuel Filter - Same as 1996 Infiniti J30

Engine Oil Type - 4.5 quarts full synthetic.

Transmission Fluid - Use a GL4 75W90. I like Redline Shockproof.

Front Differential Fluid - GL5 85W90.

Rear Differential Fluid - GL-5 80W90


Front Upper Control Arms - Same as 300ZX (Z32)

Rear Lower Control Arms - Same as 300ZX (Z32)

Front Outer Tie Rod Ends - Same as 300ZX (Z32)

Front Inner Tie Rods - Same as 300ZX (Z32)

Front Upper Camber Control / Adjustable Arms - Same as 300ZX (Z32)

Rear Upper Camber Arms - Same as 300ZX (Z32) & 240SX (S13)

Front Swaybar - Same as 240SX S13

Rear Swaybar - Same as 240SX (S13) and 300ZX (Z32)

Front Stabilizer links - Same as 03-06 Honda Accord

Rear Stabilizer Links - Same as 240SX (S13) and 300ZX (Z32)



Spark Plugs - 

Igniter / Ignition Module -

Coil pack / Ignition Coil - 


Oxygen (O2) Sensor - Same as 300ZX (Z32)

Temperature Sensor - Same as 300ZX (Z32)

Oil Pressure Sensor - Same as 300ZX (Z32)

Boost Gauge Sensor - Same as 300ZX TT (Z32)

  • No links currently available. Everyone replaces this with a real boost gauge.



Alternator - 4PK880

Air Conditioning - 4PK925

Power Steering - 4PK950



Radiator - Koyo HH020214


Thermostat - Same as 300ZX (Z32)


Wheel studs - Same as 300ZX / S14



AC Delco

Optima Yellowtop 

Optima Yellowtop (ebay)





The links above contain affiliate links to Amazon and eBay. We receive a small percentage of your purchase if you use the link. If you prefer not to use the link, we have included the compatible vehicle and/or part number.