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Nissan Skyline Gas Mileage / MPG

RB Motoring

What does a Nissan Skyline get for gas mileage (MPG)?

Generally, the answer to the question above depends on two factors - which engine your car has, and how you drive. 

Engine Size

I bet this RB26DETT doesn't get great MPG.

I bet this RB26DETT doesn't get great MPG.

The MPG variances will be huge depending on your engine size and modifications. Taking mods out of the equation, we have a few options for engines that came in the Skyline. We will narrow our list to two variants: the RB26DETT, and the RB20DET. 

The RB26DETT should be getting around 25 miles per gallon if you were to fill up and drive in a straight line at a constant speed. Driving around town will put you around 20 miles per gallon if you drive like a normal person. Pretty good for a twin turbo 2.6 liter. 

A GTS-T will get slightly better mileage due to the two liter engine size. Straight highway cruising should net you around 28 MPG, while a cruise around town like a regular citizen will get you about 22-24 MPG. 

Driving habits

Drive like this all the time? You're going to get poor gas mileage. 

Drive like this all the time? You're going to get poor gas mileage. 

The #1 factor in determining the gas mileage you get in your Nissan Skyline is going to be how hard you drive. If you are driving around like you are starring in the live-action showing of Initial D, you're going to get pretty poor gas mileage. If you drive like my grandpa's third wife does in her Prius on her way to the grocery store, then you'll get significantly better gas mileage. 

We all know the GTR is a fun car, so the average numbers we received from asking our social media followers was 16 MPG city/22 MPG highway. I'm guessing our fans don't drive like my grandpa's third wife. GTS-T drivers reported slightly higher figures. The 2.0 liter drivers were getting 18 MPG city/25 MPG highway.

One owner of a GTS (non-turbo) sent me a message and claimed he was getting 32 miles per gallon combined from his commute to work. Not bad for a pretty cool daily!

What to do if you're getting extremely poor mileage

Spending a lot of time here?

Spending a lot of time here?

If you are getting mileage outside the norm for your engine size and driving habits, it may be time to replace some parts. Consider replacing the following: 

  1. Spark plugs - bad plugs = bad mpg
  2. Fuel filter - If you haven't replaced this there's a good chance it's never been done. 
  3. Oxygen sensor - a bad o2 reading could mean your car is overcompensating with gas.
  4. Air filter - a clogged filter could give you really poor mileage. 



What kind of gas mileage does your Skyline get? Let us know in the comments!