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We import 25+ year old Japanese vehicles into the USA. 


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“I’ll just wait until the hype dies down and buy a nice GTR for $15k” – Says increasingly nervous man for the hundreth time since 2014.

RB Motoring


DALLAS, TX – repeating identical comments he’s made five times per month since January 2014, increasingly nervous local man Jason Stone responded to a Facebook post on the “R32 Skyline Owners USA” Facebook Page, by once again stating that the $25k asking price of a seller’s R32 GTR was outrageous and “JDM Taxed”, sources confirmed. “Look, I have a friend whose cousin’s fiancées brother’s roommate went to Japan once. These cars sell for $5k there all day”, said an anxious Stone, his fingers trembling as he struck his keyboard, typing the same words he’s typed on a post asking $17k in 2015, $20k in 2016, and $22k in 2017. “It’s greed if you ask me… stupid importers are just buying them up for nothing and jacking up the price.” Faced with the fact that the prices have been steadily increasing with no sign of slowing, Stone was amassing the anger and exasperation that would be unleashed in his tenth condescending rant on a Facebook page about how the price will crash once the R33 is legal.