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What spark plugs should I use on my Nissan Skyline R32? RB20DET/RB25DET/RB26DETT


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What spark plugs should I use on my Nissan Skyline R32? RB20DET/RB25DET/RB26DETT

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What are the best spark plugs for the Nissan Skyline R32? RB20DET/RB25DET/RB26DETT

We receive a lot of emails asking us:

What spark plugs should I use in my Nissan Skyline R32?

Luckily, the spark plugs are the same between the RB20DET, RB25DET and RB26DETT, so the information here will be applicable for any Skyline you have with a turbo RB engine.

The spark plugs we use in our Skylines are the NGK BCPR6ES-11. They are inexpensive copper plugs that can be found at nearly any automotive parts store, and are incredibly cheap on Amazon and eBay. A set of 4 as of writing this post are just $10 on Amazon.

Copper plugs don’t last as long as Iridium plugs, but offer better performance since copper is a great conductor. The performance boost is generally negligible if your Nissan Skyline is stock (or close to stock), so if you don’t want to be replacing your plugs that often, you can opt for Iridium Plugs.

The Iridium spark plugs you would use in a Nissan Skyline R32 GTR or GTST are the NGK BCPR6EIX. They last much longer than the copper plugs, but are more expensive. As of writing this post, they are around $45 for a set of 6 on eBay and Amazon.

We generally recommend to use the BCPR6 copper plugs in your R32 Skyline. The ignition systems in the RB26DETT, RB20DET, and RB25DET, are extremely fickle. All of the components of the Nissan Skyline’s ignition system (igniter, coil packs, harness, etc.) are extremely prone to failure, and therefore the plugs have a high chance of fouling. It hurts a lot less to replace a $15 set of copper spark plugs than a $40 set of spark plugs.

However, if you are certain your ignition system is in good working order, we’d recommend the Iridium plugs in your R32.