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Importing an R34 Nissan Skyline GTR to the USA

RB Motoring

Use this handy flowchart to decide if you can import an R34 GTR.

Use this handy flowchart to decide if you can import an R34 GTR.

Can you import an R34 GTR right now to the USA? Short answer - no. At least not right now. If you are reading this and it is 2024, then you're in luck, the answer is yes, if you were able to follow the fancy flowchart above.

I created this flowchart today after receiving eight messages this week asking about importing an R34.

The US regulations for importing vehicles in the USA makes it so that 99.9% of vehicles must be 25 years old before they are eligible. The other <1% are a few exceptions, which this blog post is not meant to cover, but the R34 does not fall into any of the exception categories. Simply put, you have to wait until 2024 to import an R34. Right now the prices in Canada are in the upper 60k range, so start saving your pennies now (or digging for oil in your backyard) and ask Siri to set a countdown for 8 years.


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