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We import 25+ year old Japanese vehicles into the USA. 

1990 R32 Skyline GTE


I've been using this R32 Skyline GTE for a few months as my daily driver and have finally decided to part ways with it. It was imported back in January but I really liked the GTR look with the high MPG RB20E and Auto trans, so in my garage it has stayed. Time to move on! 

Upon import - as with all of our cars - this R32 GTE received a full detail inside and out. The white paint is even throughout the body and shines in the sun. Exterior wise, the car received a facelift from the boring GTE front end for a more aggressive look: a GTR hood, grille, and the GTS-T type M bumper with black pads to mimic the N1 vents. All parts are OEM and are in great shape, and color matched perfectly with the body. 

Engine wise, the RB20E under the hood is 100% stock. An oil change was performed, along with new spark plugs, a new filter, and a brand new Optima Yellowtop battery. Mixed city and highway driving gives around 30MPG with cold AC blowing the entire time. The car has evidence of maintenance performed including oil changes and automatic transmission fluid flushing. The automatic transmission shifts smoothly through all gears. Mileage on the engine is roughly 78,000. 

The interior has been kept 99% stock, other than the inclusion of an aftermarket stereo. All interior trims are tact, the seats are free of rips and stains, and most importantly the dashboard is bubble free! All windows roll up and down at a reasonable speed. 

The tires on the OEM wheels included are intended for snow driving and have great tread left, with even wear. 

There isn't a ton to write about this car due to how stock it has been kept, and the great condition it is in. 

This R32 Skyline GTE comes with a valid Texas title ready to be transferred to your name.