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We import 25+ year old Japanese vehicles into the USA. 



This Nissan Skyline R32 GTR is the car everyone calls about. It's under 100,000 kilometers. It's close to stock. The AC works. It's not gunmetal. I think this car meets 90% of the requests for an R32 GTR that come in.


This GTR is a white repaint, as the chassis was originally KH2. The paint job is done well - the jambs and trunk are all white but the bay was left gunmetal which keeps it looking clean as a white bay would dirty quickly.

The Nismo cluster has 99,000KM on it, which is about 60,000 miles. We believe this mileage to be accurate based on a few factors, namely the condition of the intake paint which normally chips and flakes the higher the mileage gets - here it is in fantastic shape and doesn't show signs of being repainted. 

Externally the car has a few modifications, starting with the highly sought after N1 vents. They do have a bit of glue residue from being added, but that could easily be cleaned up. It sits on 17x9 +15 BBS RS wheels, and the side mirrors are authentic and rare Veilside models painted to match. There are a few nicks and scratches in the paint which have been touched up. 

Engine wise the car is mostly stock with just a pair of mushroom intakes and a Kakimoto exhaust. The suspension is all stock other than a set of Cusco Coilovers.

The interior was kept fairly stock as well. A North American frequency double-din touch-screen stereo has been installed, including an iPod/iPhone hookup built in + Aux input. The front speakers were replaced with Carrozerias, and the car has very expensive Hertz speakers in the rear as well as tweeters up front in the doors - all topped off with a Rockford Fosgate Amp. The A/C controls were moved to the center console. Finally, the steering wheel was replaced with a MoMo race wheel and NRG slim quick release. The insert on the passenger door panel is starting to sag but is easily glued back into place. 


This is the GTR you've been looking for. Call now and make it yours. 


*NOTE: Can be sold without BBS wheels for $20,500*

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