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Looking for a 1989 Nissan Skyline GTR with a maintenance history? You've found it. This car comes with thousands of dollars in receipts including: rack and pinion rebuild, oil changes, spark plugs, coilpacks, coil pack harness, transmission fluid, tie rods, and the list goes on.

The chassis was originally KH2, but changed to black when the Do-Luck body kit was installed. The paint job is done well - the jambs, trunk and engine bay are all black too. Some of the body kit has minor cracking, chipping, etc. All the damage is shown in the pictures.

The cluster has around 125,000 KMs on it, which is about 75,000 miles.

Engine wise the car does have a few mods. Under the hood, the stock intake box was replaced with a pair of mushroom intakes. A new set of R34 turbos were added, to cool them the owner added an ARC intercooler and Greddy piping kit. The last engine bay bits that have been added are a Mishimoto radiator, oil catch can, and strut bar. The restrictive stock exhaust has been replaced with an HKS cat-back exhaust. The suspension is all stock other than a set of HKS coilovers.

The interior has had some modification as well. A North American frequency stereo has been installed with an aux input, hooked up to a set of Kicker speakers front and rear. The previous owner set up a power lock system that comes with two key fobs - the door panels have been modified slightly to accept the power mechanisms. There are three Greddy gauges: Water Temperature, Oil Pressure, and Boost. A Greddy Profec B boost controller was added to where the ash tray would typically be. The ash tray will be provided to the new owner. The driver seat has some bolster wear.


*NOTE: This car does NOT come with the BBS RS wheels it was pictured on. It will be on a set of stock GTR wheels, but the container they were shipped in did not arrive before the pictures were scheduled.*